Optimize your brand


Does your brand have a defined sense of character and personality?

Do your communications effectively foster relationship-building, based on the attributes of your brand character, voice and a focused/consistent message?

Through our Brand Messaging Playbook product, L2 has helped many clients answer (and develop solutions) around these questions.

Our Brand Messaging Playbook product will help your organization establish message consistency across all communications and marketing channels. As you work to engage existing and new audiences, establish your brand as essential, and build for the future, it is important to have a brand message platform designed to build and strengthen relationships, based on the attributes of your brands’ personality and character.

The more your clients/members/donors/prospects know, like, and trust your organization, the more they will want you to be a consistent part of their personal and professional lives. The L2 Brand Messaging Playbook is your essential tool to help your organization be an essential resource. To view case studies of how the L2 Brand Messaging Playbook has helped clients build sustainable relationships,






The L2 Member Advisor Model is designed to be a highly-effective membership recruitment, engagement and retention system. Communication touch points are regular, personal, based on individual member preferences and work to consistently show value and ROI received through membership.

Through implementation of this model L2 will position your organization as a strategic advisor for their members. We will help your members view your organization as more than simply a membership but rather a critical resource they need for their professional life.

How does it work?

During the new member (or renewed member) onboarding process, an assigned member advisor will establish goals with each member during a phone call to outline specific areas where the member is looking to participate and receive ROI. Advisors should be a combination of staff and member-volunteers. By using technology through CRM systems this model enables our clients to track and show their members consistently how their organization is delivering value, based on timed touch-point communications.

Our goal is to break the common association mold of calling to welcome members and turn this practice into a system where we call to engage members — regularly.

To view case studies of how the L2 Member Advisor Model has helped clients strengthen member relationships, CLICK HERE.