What's going on?

National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) Selects L2 to Publish 60th Anniversary Publication

The NASBE selected L2 to design and publish a publication to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. Helping organizations to showcase their history through accomplishments and impact (within the markets they support) has long been an area where the publications design team at L2 excels. Through our work on this project we will employ a timeline throughout the publication to help establish NASBE's significance over the past 60 Years as their story is told.

If you have publication design projects or a project where you need assistance in "how to best tell your story" please contact L2 and ask to speak with Jonathan Larsen, ext. 21.

The National Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Hires L2 for Marketing of Decennial 2020 Convention

SHEA has retained L2 to help lead its marketing efforts for their Decennial 2020 Conference. Held every 10 years in conjunction with the CDC, the Decennial 2020 Conference will bring together the epidemiology community from around the globe to focus on detection, containment, and prevention issues. 

The work of L2 will center around establishing a new identity/sense of purpose for the conference and the development of markeitng/communicaitons deliverables to support awareness and registration. From video to search marketing to print, L2 will develop and execute a multi-channel approach for SHEA. Stay tuned for updates as they become available with regard to our work on this exciting project. 

Swimwear retailer H2O Wear Taps L2 for Strategic Marketing Counsel

Chlorine-resistent swimwear manufacturer, H2O Wear, has retained the services of L2 to assist with strategic marketing leadership. L2 will serve in the capcity of a contracted CMO role to lead H2O's marketing and communications activities. Through our work plans, we will re-introduce H2O Wear into the marketplace under a new brand position, convert the company to a web-first retailer (H2O Wear has traditionally been a mail-order company) through a complete redo of their website and online search marketing activities, while at the same time re-engineering their mail-strategy to be more cost-effective in our quest to drive traffic online and engage new audiences. From developing more effective analytic tracking dashboards, implementing a brand and messaging Playbook for consistency, managing the marketing/promotion calendar to chancing the culture of the company to be more offer-driven in their engagement with customers/prospects, L2 will help lead H2O Wear into an exciting new direction. 

Stay tuned to more blog posts for success/progress updates as they become available.  

American Astronautical Society Hires L2 for Branding Initiative

The American Astronautical Society (AAS) has retained the services to L2 to lead a branding initiative. AAS represents all parts of the space exploration industry, from governemnt agencies and private sector companies, to academia scholars and students. 

Our work will center around the development of a brand and messaging Playbook to define the brand, establish new visual and messaging identity points, and to give AAS more focus and consistency for all of their communications. 

The L2 brand and messaging Playbook deliverable has helped many of our clients to establish a stronger brand presence. Through our work with AAS we envision that the end result will help facilitate powerful lines of engagement between AAS and the space exploration industry, in addition to create a broadened awareness and value-proposition for the society, which will help to recruit the next generation of member (and talent) entering the industry. Audience and workforce development is a primary area of focus for AAS, as welll as, many of our non-profit cleints. 

For more information about how L2 can help your brand reach its potential, contact Jonathan Larsen. 



American Legislative Exchange Council Hires L2 for Membership Onboarding

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has hired L2 to assist with their membership on-boarding process. ALEC is the country's leading think-tank supporting state legislators. From events and education to representation of member interests on Capitol Hill, ALEC has strong relationships across nearly every statehouse in America. Through our work, we will look at ALEC's entire new member onboarding process (in addition to their renewal process) in an effort to engage members quickly upon joining or renewing. Through strategic consulting, creative development of a member-onboarding kit, and establishing new communciation strategies to quickly engage and show value to new (or renewed) members, L2 will help ALEC reach its goals.

Membership engagement and marketing strategy is a hallmark experience area for L2. Check out our membership case studies to learn more about what L2 can do for you.