What's going on?

American Astronautical Society Hires L2 for Branding Initiative

The American Astronautical Society (AAS) has retained the services to L2 to lead a branding initiative. AAS represents all parts of the space exploration industry, from governemnt agencies and private sector companies, to academia scholars and students. 

Our work will center around the development of a brand and messaging Playbook to define the brand, establish new visual and messaging identity points, and to give AAS more focus and consistency for all of their communications. 

The L2 brand and messaging Playbook deliverable has helped many of our clients to establish a stronger brand presence. Through our work with AAS we envision that the end result will help facilitate powerful lines of engagement between AAS and the space exploration industry, in addition to create a broadened awareness and value-proposition for the society, which will help to recruit the next generation of member (and talent) entering the industry. Audience and workforce development is a primary area of focus for AAS, as welll as, many of our non-profit cleints. 

For more information about how L2 can help your brand reach its potential, contact Jonathan Larsen. 



American Legislative Exchange Council Hires L2 for Membership Onboarding

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has hired L2 to assist with their membership on-boarding process. ALEC is the country's leading think-tank supporting state legislators. From events and education to representation of member interests on Capitol Hill, ALEC has strong relationships across nearly every statehouse in America. Through our work, we will look at ALEC's entire new member onboarding process (in addition to their renewal process) in an effort to engage members quickly upon joining or renewing. Through strategic consulting, creative development of a member-onboarding kit, and establishing new communciation strategies to quickly engage and show value to new (or renewed) members, L2 will help ALEC reach its goals.

Membership engagement and marketing strategy is a hallmark experience area for L2. Check out our membership case studies to learn more about what L2 can do for you. 

Several times a year L2 convenes a group of leading CMO's within the marketing/communciations industry to discuss top issues, trends, and best practices. Known as Bagels & Brainstorming, this group of industry leaders recently discussed how marketing is trending and what the future may look like. 

Key takeaways include: 

1. Infographics remain one of the top tools for communication, however stats and figures are being augmented by storytelling soundbytes of information. Facts through statistics are open to many intrepretations (what's believable or not and what's a trusted/undisputed fact). Brands who tell stories to communicate their data/stats have a greater chance to establish consumer confidence and believability of their data/stats. 

2. Machine inteligence (AI and robatics) is quickly entering the field of experiential marketing to deliver higher levels of positive customer experiences via service interactions. Machine inteligence constantly tracks data and makes real-time adjustments to improve customer experiences. Data scientists may become a part of most marketing departments in the very near future. 

3. Core Values have become a part of nearly every brand. These values need to be communicated externally, in addition to internally. Having a great product/service is important but it's equally important that consumers "like" what your company stands for. Communicate your core values through marketing/advertising so that your customers know what you stand for and how you work and you will have stronger lines of trust and loyalty-based engagement with your customers. Just having a great product won't cut it anymore. You have to have a great company culture of core values as well and... one that is transparent to your customers. 

4. Organizations who de-complicate marketing/commiunications will stand out and succeed. Data is important and part of making good marketing/communications decisions. Use data in a focused way and only use the data you need - which will support your business plan, your growth strategies, and help you in your quest to execute your company mission and make your vision a reality. 

L2 helps the brands of our clients reach their potential. Our Bagels & Brainstroming group is an important component for our firm to consistently be on the leading edge of thought leadership for the marketing/communications field. We value new ideas, proven models and mission-driven marketing/communications, which generates results. We are a creative communications company dedidated to bringing our clients original ideas  which will positively impact the bottom line. 


Does your brand have a personality?

Brand development has become a primary service area of L2. From rebranding, repositioning brands, to helping an existing brand to become relevant again, we've dug in over the past few years and helped the brands of our clients reach their potential. This statement "helping brands reach thier potential" has become part of our mainline value proposition to clients and prospects of the firm. 

One area of our brand positioning work has centered around helping brands to 1. have a personality and 2. consistently communicate their personality. Recently, L2 has completed several brand messaging playbooks for our clients, where we have gotten to the essence of brand personality. Brands are social. Brands are personal. Brands are something by which an organization creates a relationship with a customer/donor/member/constituent base. Through the L2 brand messaging playbook product, we have helped the brands of our clients identify and communicate a personaly that matches what their audience base wants/needs from our clients. 

To learn more and talk with L2 about how we can help your brand establish a personality, give us a call or shoot us an email to jlarsen@larnishlarsen.com. 

National Society for Collegiate Scholars Hires L2 for Targeted DM

The National Society for Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) has hired L2 to write, design, and assist with execution of a segmented direct mail campaign, targeting students and parents, with the opportunity to become a member of this prestigious collegiate honors society. 

L2 was selected as a strategic DM partner for NSCS, after they conducted a nationwide search through an RFP process. Direct marketing (print and electronic) remains one of the fastest growing segments of work for L2. Through our work with NSCS, we will develop a new test package to stand up to their controls. Through new messages, compelling offers and getting to the essence of "what being a member of NSCS mean to college students" will drive our creative and messaging strategy for this initiative. 

Stay tuned for updates as results from this campaign make their way into our case study sections of LarnishLarsen.com.