don't just do it; Do it with Purpose!



Like many organizations, ARELLO was struggling with how to further establish its brand and position the association for long-term growth and sustainability. ARELLO didn’t necessarily “have a problem” if they wanted to maintain status quo but leadership at the organization wisely realized that status quo would eventually turn into a decline as new competitors and educational resources were entering their marketplace for real estate license law officials across the U.S.


ARELLO needed to develop a communications strategy around the focus, purpose, characteristics, and personality of its brand. In short, ARELLO needed a new platform to develop relationships with members and the real estate regulation community. Like we have with many other clients, L2 went straight to work developing a brand messaging Playbook. Through this deliverable, we gave ARELLO the platform it needed for communications. Through L2 conducted research, we identified four words which became the primary focus to communicate ARELLO (informed, connected, trusted, leader). These words embody the personality and brand promise of ARELLO, with regard to its relationship, place of relevancy, and ability to deliver results for its members and industry. Currently, the brand messaging Playbook is in place for ARELLO and in the process of being integrated into all communications channels. Through this process ARELLO now has a focused brand, which is positioned to thrive.