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H2O Wear

H2O Wear


Over 30 years ago, H2O Wear created a new category in swimwear – chlorine resistant. For years, the company had a unique product which was enjoyed by swim teams and those who were in the pool many days a week working out. Their suits stood up to chlorine better than those not resistant to the chemical, where made in the U.S.A., and business was good. However, as the trend/market grew, competition entered their waters. The competition touted a chlorine-resistant suit which was less in cost and had return policies equivalent to H2O Wear’s manufacturers’ warranty. In a very short time, H2O went from trend setter to… a high-priced option for chlorine resistant swimwear.


An L2 conducted market analysis showed that H2O Wear still had a share of the market but in order to stabilize and begin to grow again, its brand positioning needed to be reengineered. By working through the L2 Difference model (seen under the About Us section of our site) we worked with H2O Wear to bring new life, excitement, and relevancy to the brand. We updated the logo to include a new tagline, which combined new brand positioning with H2O’s standard of quality, we established new branding standards, we developed a more consistent promotional calendar and a system for target marketing, we established connection points with primary/secondary/influencer-based audience segments, and we positioned the company as a solutions-based brand for its customers. In short, H2O transformed from being “a chlorine-resistant swimsuit company” to “a company who manufacturers swimwear designed to enable its customers to enjoy a great water workout, every time they were in the pool.” L2 is in the early stages of this H2O Wear brand evolution. In a very short period of time data report show strong signals of success. Stay tuned for further updates to this exciting journey for H2O Wear as they become available.