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STEM for Her

Stem for Her logoChallenges/Opportunities

STEM opportunities for learning in K-12 education have been on the rise for many years except for young girls. Females entering these fields does not pace at the same rate as males. To help address this issue and create better gender equality in STEM areas, the Women in Technology - Education Foundation (WITEF) nonprofit was formed. The purpose of this organization, which was a spinoff of the Women in Technology (WIT) organization, was to develop programs which would attract young girls to take an interest in STEM areas of study while establish their career goals/aspirations. The issue was that the name WITEF didn’t create a strong brand connection with target audiences, young girls and also funders who could help to support this cause. A rebranding of name and core messaging was needed.


After conducting a SWAT analysis on the organization as a whole L2 determined that changing the name was imperative. We wanted to establish a name (and brand) that embodied what young girls were seeking and what funders could rally around to support. The name STEM for Her was developed with the tagline of Explore. Engage. Pursue. In a concise and motivating way, this new identity did everything it needed to in order to create a rallying point for young girls to take an interest in STEM areas throughout their K-12 education and to encourage them to pursue STEM areas as a career choice. This important organization can now take a step forward toward having a greater impact on their core audiences and to do great things to close the gender gap in STEM career areas.