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American International
Automobile Dealers Association

AutoDealer Magazine


For the past 12 years, L2 has been the creative agency of record for the AIADA. From membership to events, our firm has helped AIADA to maintain a sleek and effective visual identity for all of their marketing materials. In addition to our design work, we also help AIADA to think progressively and to consistently be prepared for the future. Recently, a case in point centered around AIADA’s AutoDealer Magazine. Early into our relationship with AIADA we helped to transform this publication from a newsletter into a magazine. We launched AutoDealer in 2007, redesigned it in 2012, and recently redesigned again in 2017. Each iteration of the magazine has been a step ahead, where readers and advertisers are very pleased with the new iteration of the magazine.


For the recent 2017 redesign we focused on a blend between editorial and visual updates. The masthead remained the same but we changed how covers would be put together each issue. The new strategy allows for more flexibility with regard to cover content and how the cover will help get the reader engaged and inside the magazine. We also made significant updates to the table of contents and aligned magazine content to AIADA’s top-line brand messaging in a more consistent way. Since the 2012 update to AutoDealer, AIADA’ brand messaging had evolved (in late 2016) so we wanted to make sure the new magazine was a consistent extension of brand. As with most publications, they evolve over time. AutoDealer is no different and we are confident that this recent update will enable AIADA’s content and brand positioning for the international auto dealer marketplace to be more impactful and relevant to the needs of its readers and members.