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Healthcare Access Maryland

Health Passport


Through its network of care professionals within the mental and physical health areas, HCAM has a proven system that provides critical needs and health coverage for those who do not have many healthcare options. Prevention techniques and advising patients on ways to take more personal responsibility for their health is a major focus for HCAM. To help patients take control of their health, HCAM wanted to create a booklet for patients to use on a daily basis to serve as their Health Passport for better health. Success for this product would be seen through less stress on hospital emergency room systems across the state due to patients being more proactive in monitoring and responsible towards improving their overall health.


L2 led the way with regard to writing copy and organizing and designing content in a way that would be engaging, motivating, interactive, facilitate collaboration between patient/nurse, and packaged the product to be durable for everyday use. Launched in July 2016, this product has already made a major impact in its initial pilot applications and has been noticed by healthcare professionals across the state, wanting to discuss how HCAM can help lower their emergency room visits by empowering patients to take more control over their own health.