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National Wildlife Federation

Nation Wildlife Federation Catalog


After many years of using an existing format and declining sales, National Wildlife Federation decided it was time to revisit their adoption program catalog with a fresh perspective.  The goal was to make the book more inviting and colorful using the same text, offer base and on a limited budget.


L2 set out to simplify the presentation, starting with the cover. Adopt today! was desgined as a button icon to clearly separate it from other copy and increase readability on background photos. We also wanted to show product on the cover. By using a striking depiction of an eagle on the cover and several strategic pages inside, sales for this adoption animal alone rose over 30%.
L2’s approach to the inside spreads was to choose tints that complimented the photography. Copy was placed on white backgrounds or clearer to read photos.  Stuffed animals were made easier to see by keeping their interaction with the background photos limited. By working with our agency photographer, we were able to re-photograph over 80% of the stuffed animals with high quality silos and still maintain NWF’s budget. Our creative strategies and execution plan made a direct impression on sales. Without any list testing or changes at all in mailing strategy, catalog sales rose over 20% from the previous year.