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Connect Magazine


As a strategic communications firm, publications design and development is a consistent part of our services areas. After a successful rebranding and repositioning of the association initiative, the RPSA tapped L2 to help design and produce their flagship magazine, Connect. As we began working with Connect we realized that this publication was nice, but it could be great. Connect did not have a lot of competition in the mailbox with similar industry publications and it had enormous potential from an advertising revenue perspective. It just needed some fresh thinking, a new look, and a re-engineering of editorial to help it reach it


Through our re-branding of RSPA efforts we developed through the brand style manual how the new branding would be applied to Connect so our redesign of the magazine was more of an effort to modernize the magazine from an editorial content perspective. We looked at content from all angles and we worked to ensure that the magazine became aligned with the top-line brand messaging for RSPA so that there was consistency of communications. With regard to the visual identity of the magazine, we changed the layout grid so that the pages were more accessible and so that content was more engaging for Connect’s readers. The end product turned out fantastic. RSPA leadership, members of the association, and also advertisers were all very pleased with the new Connect. We anticipate this publication to become a more significant revenue source for RSPA, in addition to more valuable member and industry professional resource.