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Electronic Transactions Association

Ad Campaign


As part of its offerings to members, the ETA Certifies professionals within the electronic payments industry through its Certified Payments Professionals (CPP) program. As a relatively new program for the ETA and payments industry, the CPP Program needed  marketing and brand positioning assistance to solidify its value and to increase the overall number of professionals receiving their ETA CPP certification.


L2 focused on the value of the ETA CPP credential to be communicated from a peer-to-peer perspective. Working with the ETA staff, we selected and conducted a series of interviews with several people who had received their credential through ETA, from young career to well-established in their field. We selected a variety of professionals who could help communicate what the credential means for them professionally (from a personal connection/career confidence standpoint) and what the credential does for them (with regard to career advancement and validation) to have it associated with their title. To date, the campaign has been very well received by the industry and as a result certification applications are up over last year.