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HR Certification Institute

Direct Mail Campaign


HRCI and SHRM go head to head on a daily basis working to certify HR professionals. As part of HRCI’s renewal process in 2016 they realized that many of their certification holders were not aware that they were in fact on a pathway to renew their certification through SHRM, not HRCI. Direct mail represented the best channel to communicate “seriously” with HRCI certifications holders to alert them to what was happening and to realign their re-certification process with HRCI.


Having worked with HRCI for some time, L2 knew exactly the approach to take through a DM campaign. Direct, serious, and progressively urgent in its appeal. Knowing that there were distinct differences between HRCI and SHRM certifications and the process for renewal, L2 developed a campaign based on facts and urgency to contact HRCI (through phone and web channels) to encourage certification holders to double check before they potentially made a very bad decision for their career. The direct response effort consisted of three weekly mailers. Each communication was progressive in that the first alerted, the second communicated urgency/seriousness of the situation, and the third conveyed consequences to career by making the wrong choice. Each piece was mailed in a window #10 carrier and designed to be “business mail” and not promotional. Copy was direct and fact-based, and results were outstanding. The HRCI customer service department worked tirelessly to convert concerned callers into relieved HR professionals, who were assured that their recertification would in-fact be completed through HRCI.