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The Association for Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AHWONN) was experiencing a drop-off in the attendance numbers for their annual convention. Membership was growing but there was not a correlating increase in the number of industry professionals attending the annual convention. Event sponsors and exhibitors also noticed the decline and were starting to reevaluate their investment with AWHONN through convention participation. The services of L2 were retained to determine first determine the issue and second, develop a marketing campaign to increase attendance.


During the initial stages of working with AWHONN on this project, L2 sat down with leadership of the association to gain insights as to… what do they feel is driving the decline in convention attendance. Through these interviews, it was clear that the internal perception felt that value through content delivered was the main contributor. Before jumping into development of a marketing campaign, L2 also conducted a series of interviews with AWHONN members, which also included a membership-wide e-survey to gain insights. Through this process we uncovered the real reasons why attendance was not growing. COST. The price associated with attending an AWHONN convention was simply unobtainable for many members and… many members had to pay their own way and take unpaid time off work in order to attend. Value wasn’t the issue at all, in fact, value through content was strong. As of result of these findings, we worked with AWHONN to develop a new pricing model (which was still profitable) for convention attendance and a system of incentives to work into our marketing mix. Through adjustments to pricing and incentivizing members, we were part of the process which enabled the 2017 AWHONN Annual Convention to be the most widely attended in the associations history.