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ULI – Meetings

Spring Meeting Campaign


Attendance was dropping at the Urban Land Institutes two primary event, the Spring and Fall Meetings. To help identify why and develop strategies to stabilize, with the intent to re-establish and grow their meetings again, ULI turned to L2 for assistance.


As with most projects, L2 wanted to learn more so that data and research could be part of our recommendations. After conducting interviews with members who both attend regularly and not regularly, we learned that the ULI Meetings had a lot of competition in the marketplace and that they were simply… not considered “must attend events” each year. Content was “nice to have” but not considered “essential” for attendees each year. Value was present but not to the point where ULI members would take time out of their schedules to attend both meetings every year. L2’s task centered around changing the perception by which members looked at ULI Meetings.  Through our work, we helped ULI to update programming (to make the event shorter by 1 day), change the pre-event marketing narrative, and we were more aggressive (early on) to secure time on the calendar with ULI members. Time was our greatest hurdle. Once we established that ULI events are work the time to attend and we shortened the time commitment to attend, and we showed this through our marketing, we stated to see attendance numbers shift up again. ULI Meetings became a more highly prioritized scheduling commitment for members. As with all new campaigns, time will tell true results but the ULI Spring and Fall Meetings are on a more sustainable path. After our first year of involvement, attendance was up, revenue for ULI was up, and the vibe in real estate industry around these two events was one of excitement and anticipation for What’s Next at ULI Meetings.