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United States Department
of Agriculture

Conference Posters


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) had a quick turnaround and urgent creative services need. As part of their work, USDA presents research findings at scientific and academic events around the globe. A consistent practice with regard to presenting research is via “scientific findings and methodology” printed posters. For this particular creative services project, the timeline was very tight, considering the level of scientific formulas and complex graphic elements which were needed to effectively make the presentation(s). To get ready for an upcoming event, USDA called upon the services of L2 to be an accurate and trusted extension of their team to meet the deadline.


L2 has the staffing bandwidth to manage multiple pressing and concurrent deadlines. By establishing workflows that enabled  the right creative staff to work on various components of the project (technical layout vs. creative design), we were able to meet the budget, deadline, and produce a series of (8) oversized posters that effectively communicated USDA research through a series of events. Through the onboarding stage of this project, team L2 sat down with representatives from USDA to gather all information and to establish specific goals for the project. For this type of project where time is of the essence and (like all projects) accuracy of work must be to the highest standards, our proven and tested systems for creative execution proved to be just what USDA needed to complete this project. L2’s upfront attention to detail to onboard projects continues to be a winning formula for our company and enables our work to be done right – from the first proof.