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Accella Direct Mail Package


When ACCELLA (a web and mobile app development company) looked at where most of their top accounts came from, nearly all were from referrals. Leadership at ACCELLLA wanted to develop a way to facilitate more referrals coming into their company and they needed a program to integrate with their overall sales and marketing strategic plan.


After learning more about ACCELLA and their unique attributes as a company, Team L2 developed the foundation for their Partner Referral Program. Clients, business partners, friends of the firm were encouraged to refer companies they knew to ACCELLA based on a simple principle. ACCELLA is a firm you know, like, and trust. And… ACCELLA is a great, safe, and reliable company to send your referrals. In addition to taking great care of leads who were referred, ACCELLA will also give the referrer $500 cash for every new client that results from their referral. The program was marketed by events (which provided theatre for people to get to know and like ACCELLA), direct mail and direct email. This campaign was built on the basic principles of business and (by establishing a program) helped ACCELLA do what so many companies fail to do – ask for referrals and make this lead source a structured part of the business development process. To date, referrals are up and ACCELLA continues to grow through this channel of marketing and business development.