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Billy Casper Golf


BCG, the nation’s second-largest golf course management company, approached Larnish Larsen (L2) to help improve the quality and impact of their vast need of marketing materials and to do it in a cost-effective manner. With BCG managing over 90 golf courses around the country, it meant we had to produce at least 2,000 projects for the year, from simple business cards to complete promotional campaigns. From the time we were hired to the start of the first project, we had less than 2-months to build an entire creative production system, including staffing.


We created a customized system for BCG, built for high-volume creative and accountability for each golf course. This included uniform guidelines, creative direction and marketing position, all while maintaining schedules and meeting tight deadlines on dozens of jobs every week. These improvements have exceeded BCG’s expectations, garnered praise from the company as well as increased demand for L2 creative from various BCG client courses. We’re also proud to say that every one of those 2,000 jobs were completed without missing a single deadline. By the time we completed our contract we were managing creative for over 140 golf courses across the country for BCG.