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HealthCare Access Maryland

Go Further Campaign


HealthCare Access Maryland engaged L2 to create a vibrant and heartfelt campaign to engage a new level of donor to contribute to the organization as they broadened their scope from just the Baltimore metropolitan area to a state wide effort. The motivation is to take the solid base HCAM enjoys in Baltimore and spread the word through actual client experiences. The campaign also needed to appeal to both corporate and private donors as well.


The first step was to devise a name for the campaign. GO FURTHER was selected. L2 then developed a logo and a brand message playbook to set the stage for all future communications. Next a cost-effective A10 DM package was created to begin the campaign push for donor dollars. The emotional appeal of the copy was a key aspect to how the package would perform. Three heart-felt stories were told through the letter and buckslip of how HCAM has made real change in their lives. Change that was possible only through donor assistance. As results of the DM and webpage are evaluated, future efforts will be applied to continue making this marketing campaign the strategic center of ROI for HCAM.