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National Association of Elementary School Principals

NAESP Inspire them campaign


NAESP for many years has worked with the U.S Department of Education to help recognize and reward K-12 students across America through a President’s Excellence in Education Award. Principals across the country were the target audience but only a small percentage of principals were participating in the program.


Working closely with NAESP staff, L2 created a new and engaging message and visual communications for the campaign. Students were made the central focus for creative messaging by promoting and capturing the joy and accomplishment associated with winning the award for them and their families. Through interviews with principals across the county, we learned how they witness this award changing the lives of their students. L2 used this “changing lives” theme as the benchmark to lead the 2015 campaign. Through print direct mail, email marketing, and designing a new website to cover the details of the program and capture principal interest, L2 successfully launched a new platform that has lead to higher revenue and potential for growth as well as countrywide participation throughout schools in the U.S.