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National Association for Collegiate Scholars

SCS DM Package

SCS DM Package


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars turned to L2 to help them find a creative new direction for the print DM campaigns. The packages to date where conservative with very little visuals or graphics and were starting to show market fatigue. They wanted a fresh approach while still keeping the spirit of the organization in mind and to be cost-effective in the mail at significant quantities.


L2 chose a simple No. 10 package to address the cost aspect. Our next task was to push the copy envelope. To create a more exciting “want” for be a member of the organization. The decision was made to engage two audiences. The parents of the student and the student themselves showing each in their unique way that SCS membership benefits both their aspirations and to also further prepare them for the professional world beyond. Colors and graphics were carefully designed to present an upscale collegiate feel and give the overall package a unique impression in the mail.