don't just do it; Do it with Purpose!

SenecaOne Financial



SenecaOne, a leading financial services provider, is constantly challenged to find new ways to stand out from the competition in a very crowded industry. For many years, L2 has met this challenge and helped SenecaOne to stand out by offering new, innovative, and cost effect mail formats and offer positions, which generate results.


L2’s winning strategy with SenecaOne has been to make it simple and make it clear, from an offer perspective. Their audience is “sold to” too much. To stand out, SenecaOne needs to be authentic. They need to look like a financial institution in the mail and provide solutions. And… they need good and believable offers for their prospects. Tricks and gimmics are in everyone’s mailbox. Good offers and straightforward DM is what will get the SenecaOne audience to open the mail and then call-in for more information. Clear and focused simplicity has been one of our most effective strategies for this direct mailer. Understanding the audience and their motivations to respond to DM has helped us to deliver "control package results" consistently for SenecaOne.