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American Boiler
Manufacturers Association

ABMA brochure


In 2016, L2 was retained by the ABMA to rebrand the association. As part of this process, we conducted extensive research to determine the value and relevancy of membership. Our research quickly concluded that although ABMA members were generally pleased with value and ROI from participation with ABMA, there was a level of engagement that was missing, which was holding back growth for the organization. Growth was determined to be through expansion via recruitment of new members and greater participation by existing members, which would be seen through attending ABMA events, volunteering, and spending more time on the ABMA website to access industry research and professional development opportunities.


L2’s quest became to engage members and to do so in a way never done before by the association. We wanted members to feel that ABMA was proactively working to show value and to encourage participation with the association and its member services programs. Given the size of the membership (a manageable number of company memberships) L2 developed a Member-Advisor Model for membership. This model stated at the onboarding process and ran through each renewal cycle. In short, each member company was assigned a member-advisor from the association. This advisor used CRM data to engage with members on an individual and personal level to ensure that goals of membership (from the members perspective) were being met consistently and that new areas of participation between member and ABMA could always be fostered. To date, this model is in its early stages of implementation. Based on initial rollout feedback, we expect this new model to be wildly successful and support ABMA’s mission to Lead the Boiler Industry. As part of our marketing rollout a new brochure and supporting collateral pieces were developed so that communications across all channels were consistently communicating one message from ABMA.