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BIO Membership

BIO brochure


The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) needed to re-engage with its members in a new way. Many segments of the membership were at a high-risk of not renewing due to the fact that they were not seeing the value of membership clearly.


L2 and the BIO membership team quickly determined that in order for member-value scores to improve, members needed to see the impact of BIO’s work.  It was crucial for the membership to learn how to engage with BIO via its research reports, best practices data, professional development opportunities, and use BIO as their source for understanding the strategic direction of the Biotech industry more clearly. The first step was to update member communications through a unique membership-engagement brochure. L2 designed an innovative series of infographics to convey BIO impact. Instead of “telling members” value we “showed members” value in a very clear and concise way. Results of this membership brochure and new communications strategies have been very positive. BIO is seeing an increased number of members seeking to become part of committees and working groups through volunteerism – a clear sign of member-engagement.