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Home Builder Institute

HBI brochure


Home Builder Institute (HBI) is the foundation arm of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The purpose of HBI is to provide jobs and jobs training opportunities for youth, military veterans and those who have been incarcerated and looking for a second chance. HBI came to L2 to assist with a fundraising brochure specifically promoting their efforts to help those who have been incarcerated to re-enter the workforce.


Fundraising marketing is a core competency for L2. Based on our knowledge and work experience with NAHB, we were confident in our ability to develop a winning strategy to convert interest in HBI into giving opportunities for HBI. Our creative strategy focused on showing examples of “changed lives” through involvement with HBI jobs related programs. By using a combination of real-life images and powerful infographics to show HBI impact we developed a fundraising brochure that helped convert interest to action with regard to giving to help support HBI initiatives. This brochure helped to set the tone for other materials (print and digital) targeting fundraisers to support this segment of HBI’s work within the community.