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American Hotel Lodging Association



The AHLA had recently completed a redesign of their website. The new design was fresh, engaging, and positioned the association to expand its reach of awareness. However, the new site was not setup to track performance. It was a beautiful online brochure but not an integrated component in the overall AHLA marketing and communications plan. It needed an ROI-based channel strategy.


AHLA was in a similar situation as many of our clients. The site needed to work harder and be a source of data to support marketing decisions. After an assessment of the level of tracking currently in place on the AHLA site, L2’s search marketing and web optimization team went right to work making some significant changes to the backend programming on We re-tagged pages for improved organic optimization, launched paid search campaigns, setup Hubspot to track online behavior, implemented enhanced Google Analytics framework and established a tracking dashboard of key performance metrics to track/monitor on a regular basis. In the end, the site became fully integrated as an effective channel to engage and receive data from, to support the goals of AHLA’s marketing team and their web/online initiatives.