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BIO Business Solutions

BIO Business Solutions


Biotechnology Business Solutions (BBS) operates the discount-buying program (affinity marketing) for the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). BBS was in need of an automated marketing platform to e-mail market it’s offerings to the BIO membership and also the organizations partner/affiliate groups across the country. To date, marketing had been done “as needed” and as a result, BBS was not reaching its potential with regard to the number of member companies participating in this “free to members” program.


Given that BBS is purely a “for-profit” division of BIO, the focus of our work was on lowering the cost of marketing, developing systems for customized automation of marketing execution, and establishing performance metrics. Currently, L2 has completed the email-marketing portion of the program’s buildout through the development of a series of email templates, each specific to a unique buyer within BBS’s audience base. From writing the emails, designing the template, testing deployment and metrics capture, and scalability to a wide range of partner/affiliate applications, L2 has built an email-marketing program which is already proving its worth through more regular-timed emails. This program enables BBS the ability to reach the most number of people, with the right message, while providing real-time data with regard to tracking clicks to conversions through use of Google Analytics.