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HR Certification Institute

The HRCI Leadership Movie

The HRCI Journey Movie

HRCI MovieChallenges/Opportunities: 

HRCI is in a crowded, and very competitive, marketplace for certifying HR Professionals. They offer solutions to both individuals, who will be certified, and also organizations, looking to have HRCI certify their entire HR staff. To help package and tell the HRCI story in a personal and career-beneficial way it was determined that video would be the best communications channel to educate and engage their two audience segments. 


HRCI has the most history and the only accredited certification program for the HR industry. With value and career-defining impact leading the way, L2 developed two “linked” for branding purposes but separate videos to speak to the needs and decision-making process for each audience segment. Our video targeting individuals who would look to HRCI for their certifications was framed around the concept of “the journey” and conveyed how HRCI was there through every great moment and time of need throughout the careers of their certification holders. For the organizational audience, our video was wrapped around the concept of “leadership for the HR community” and established HRCI as the most proven, trusted, and forward thinking resource for the certifications needs of the ever-evolving HR profession. Each video has been widely adopted and has been translated into multiple languages for global use by HR departments and HRCI’s marketing team.