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Tony FarrellTony Farrell

Tony is nationally recognized as one of the direct-marketing industry's leading brand marketers, product strategist and DR copywriters. His work for SelfCare Catalog was recognized as America's "Outstanding Consumer Copy" by Catalog Age Magazine. For the decade that The Sharper Image grew from $250 million to $760 million, Tony personally wrote all product copy for the TSI catalog and website. A premier product marketer, Tony was the writer behind America's #1 toy (Razor Scooter), #1 air purifier (Ionic Breeze), and #1 SkyMall product (Facial Flex). At Gap, Inc., Tony served as VP, Marketing and VP, Strategic Planning as Gap grew from $158 million to $850 million; at Sharper Image, he served as SVP, Creative Services; at Guthy-Renker ($1.7 billion TV infomercial giant), Tony served Director of Product Marketing. Tony earned his AB from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.